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[WRITING] Dealing with Writer Insecurity

Grab a cup of coffee and a blanket everyone, this is about to get a bit snuggly. In chatting with a few Camp NaNo partners this week, a topic was brought up about how certain things we did not anticipate made us anxious about our upcoming projects and how vocal we are being about our…… Continue reading [WRITING] Dealing with Writer Insecurity

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[LIFE] Nerdy Accomplishments: 2016

Another year has come and gone. I’ve done  a lot– from moving states and accepting promotions to taking vacations to new places– and at the same time it feels like I haven’t done enough. Where has all this time gone?  And just how much of it has been spent in the realm of fandom? BLOGGING…… Continue reading [LIFE] Nerdy Accomplishments: 2016

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So. I failed NaNoWriMo rather spectacularly this year. I’m sitting at 17,969 words right now. There was no coming back from that kind of deficit on the last day. I admit it. I bit off way more than I could chew, I started on a mountain I couldn’t climb, I boarded a ship with a hole…… Continue reading [WRITING] NANOWRIMO = FAILWRIMO

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[WRITING] NANOWRIMO 2016: Uphill Battle

So, NaNoWriMo. It hasn’t exactly been easy going for me so far. It’s day 16 and I at 11:13 PM I am only at 15,100 words out of the 26,666 I should be at to be on track for 50,000 by the 30th. I’m more than behind, I’m drowning in unwritten words with no relief…… Continue reading [WRITING] NANOWRIMO 2016: Uphill Battle

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[LIFE] Relocating Headquarters

Please ignore my dust. Also, ignore the boxes. And the clothes strewn everywhere. And the art work that still isn’t hanging. Big news, everyone! I have successfully moved from Denver, Colorado to Austin, Texas. That’s right. CaffeinatedNerdBlog is now stationed out of Texas, and (shockingly) has decreased caffiene consumption in the process. I don’t know what…… Continue reading [LIFE] Relocating Headquarters