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CaffeinatedNerdBlog is the general fandom and life outlet of Crystal Navarro– wannabe writer, reviewer, coffee and tea aficionado located in the heart of Texas.  She has a bachelor’s of science in Elementary Education, and works in delivery management for a Berkshire-Hathaway retailer. Originally from a small farming town in Michigan,  she has traversed the southern US and recently placed roots near Austin with her silly Filipino husband and two three cats.

The CaffeinatedNerdBlog Experience


When you read a post from CaffeinatedNerdBlog, it is like having a chat with a friend. A friend who likes to squeal, complain, have a serious chat and also be a bit silly almost all of the time. Posts range from movie and anime reviews, to otome gaming and books, mental health and house planning, marriage, family, cats… if it can be written about, you can guarantee Crystal will share it. Stories are not meant to be savored alone, but expanded on by issuing their lessons and laughter to others.

So sit back and relax. Cuddle into your blanket, your coat jacket or your office chair and prepare to be visited by a reliable friend who thinks she is funny when, really, she is just trying too hard.

We all know that friend. They are the best friends of all.

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The sky is the limit, really. You never know what will pop in Crystal’s head.

But you can join her to find out!