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[OTOME GAMES] Samurai Love Ballad PARTY: Gameplay Update!



Okay, I’m not even going to try to pretend there is any real structure here. Since my first post about Samurai Love Ballad PARTY, I have gone completely off my rocker. I’ve spent so much money. I have played at the most inconvenient of times. I have used up all my data a week before the month was up.

I finished five routes since my last post along with all 6 of the current Seductive Superstitions event stories. FIVE.

I am so gone with this game. There is nothing I can do, someone call a doctor for I have a serious problem. I am addicted to SLBP and I fear its terminal. Please leave me with some onigiri and green tea, some google play gift cards and I shall pass happily.

I’ll break this down into short reviews of each thing I have completed, with far less spoilers than my Yukimura review. But still, spoilers, because I have feels that need to be expressed!

Sanada Yukimura NOBLE Ending

I could not leave my best boy alone; I had to go back and finish his noble ending. I mean, it’s all the same drama from his point of view, right? WRONG.

My heart could not handle this. I was so sure Yukimura was going to die in the noble end, leaving MC to be saved by Saizo while he protected her with his life. His spear was broke. He had been cut from chest to shoulder, back to hip, losing blood like no one could believe… and yet somehow, Yukimura lives.

And he has become a protector. MC’s protector.

Watching him look over her, waiting for her to wake up after being choked near to death by Tokugawa Ieyasu, was so painful. He cooked her porridge, for crying out loud! This boy is so in love and he knows it and there is no going back. When he realizes it, seeing it through his eyes, I just… I melted. Yukimura, you are forever my best boy. You are MC’s true love, for sure.

Date Masamune DIVINE Ending

Hello, my darling dear Masa baby. You deserve just as much love as Yukimura, poor child who was hated by his mother to the point he felt he could trust no woman and lived in the damnable image she created of him. YOU ARE SUCH A GENUINE PERSON, MASAMUNE! YOU DESERVE HAPPINESS!

Seriously, I chose to do Masamune mainly because of his role in Yukimura’s route. I wanted to explore their relationship more and see what was so special about this mysterious man with the eyepatch. And my feels. They did not survive.

Also, Shigezane? I love you. I can’t wait for your route to be translated because YOU ARE THE BEST COUSIN EVER!

I seriously do believe that Masamune is a trusting person, to the point he is willing to let those he holds close lie to him and believe the lie. He knew MC was a woman, but chose to allow her to say she was a man. It made it easier for him to keep her close, and I think that at some point he convinced himself she really was a man just so that he could keep up the illusion that he could keep her close without consequences.

Life never goes the way he wants though. He found his greatest supporter in a woman, and that same woman was nearly stolen from him by his mother. So what does Masamune do?

He summons an entire army to find her. Gives it to Shigezane, his fun loving cousin who supports him no matter what, and sneaks into the castle to save her. Offers his mother his life in return for MCs.


Also, the ending? With him confessing his love and then writing MC a letter about why? Telling her she will not need her room because she will be in his? I just. Masababy, you are so incredibly sweet. And the trouble you endure (with your hateful mother, your brother who wants to be with you but cannot, your father who wants you protect your mother as his dying wish, and all the people are stacked against you) is so much… you are truly resilient.

I also really enjoyed him getting so protective and angry when he catches MC with Yukimura in Kyoto, even though Yukimura had saved her from the magistrate. She was injured, and that was enough of a reason for Masamune to challenge Yukimura to a fight. Oh, Masa, you were gone so much sooner than you realized.

I’m not crying. I’m not. I SWEAR I’M NOT.

Takeda Shingen DIVINE Ending

I did not like this route- I didn’t- but I was bawling like a baby at the end. I don’t know where it came from, because I did not really feel the chemistry between MC and Shingen (considering how many times he tried to give her to Yukimura, which in my mind was a grand idea, I suppose it should be no surprise). But of course, finally, there was a consequence to the character. Shingen dies in his Divine Ending.

And I was not prepared for his speech to Yukimura– or for Yukimura’s nobleness to take him to MC, to protect her and be with her and the child in place of Shingen, this ray of light and hope.

I just… AND THEN THE EPILOGUE? WITH SHINGEN FINDING MC IN MODERN DAY JAPAN? The matching hickey birthmarks that transferred through their bodies over the centuries? The scene overlooking the city?

Just do me in. I was a mess. I didn’t even like Shingen that much, even though his story was riddled with sadness (his illness, the fact the first time he met MC he molested her and the made up for it right away, his doting nature, and all that sex….), I just… I just couldn’t. But somehow the ending did me in. I just couldn’t. I was a mess (and to learn that YUKIMURA DIED IN THE NEXT WAR AND LEFT MC BEHIND TOO). I’m crying now when I write this and I have skipped over SO MUCH.

Kitigakure Saizo DIVINE Ending

Can’t a ninja ever catch a break? Or rather, why can’t Yukimura? Yet again he is busy protecting the MC for another man who just can’t seem to get it through his thick skull that she means something to him. I’m starting to notice a trend here with Yukimura always protecting MC, no matter who’s woman she is. And nearly dying because of it.

I haven’t forgiven you for that one, Saizo, whether or not you were going to kill your MC for your village, there was no reason to gut Yukimura! None!

This story was a lot of fun and very angsty, with some amazingly sweet moments (such as Saizo sitting beside MC until she fell asleep, then putting Sasuke in bed with her so she wouldn’t be alone when he left her). And then, the moment he was given the mission to kill her… and accepted it, and nearly succeeded in it. Does it really take that much effort to realize you love someone, Saizo?

I know, I know. He killed his best friend who betrayed the village because he fell in love too. But Saizo has to know that sometimes there is more to live for, right?

The really big shining moment in this story was MC’s friendship with Lady Kiku, which is what spurred the entire story onward. She saves Kiku, and in turn in the end Kiku saves her when she realizes the palace she is supposed to be going to to be wed is under attack and MC is there so she brings an army.

Girl power!

I did get misty eyed at the end when I learned that Saizo was the little boy that MC had given dango to under a cherry blossom tree all those years ago. That was such a sweet connection, to show why he had known her in all the routes so easily to be who she was (and also why he couldn’t let her just die in Shingen’s, because you know, Shingen didn’t save his MC he let everyone else do it).

Akechi Mitsuhide DIVINE Ending

I had sworn not to spend anymore money when I started this one. I failed. Miserably. Somehow or another, switching factions to follow Akechi Mitsuhide did me in. I love him. So many people find his story boring but I found it so honorable and wonderful and full of believable development.

AND THE MT. HIEI SCENE! Mitsuhide, you are a truly honorable swordsman who has a heart so kind and wonderful. Trying to hide all his kindness behind the words “It’s for Lord Nobunaga”, to protect someone he never expected to love…

And another great girl friendship– Oichi and MC! The best of friends! Because of food! You speak to me, Oichi. I also love desserts.

I had so much fun watching the trust build between Mitsuhide and MC, and seeing MC stand up to him and refuse to go where he wanted because he was not being true to himself. That was so painful and yet so wonderful all at the same time. He needed to hear that. It was that conversation that gave him the gall to defy Nobunaga and save her, to admit that he loved her.

That no matter who hated him, even if it was the whole of Japan, he would still chose to love her anyway.



(Yukimura, Masamune, Mitsuhide, Saizo mainly)

So, during all of this craziness were two events– a battle event (which I placed 299th!) and then a story event, where six lords encounter all sorts of shenangians due to spirits, gods and demons who held affection for them or simply wished to mess with them. And these were so, so fun.

I did Yukimura first (obviously, for he is my boy), and his was a vengeful snow spirit who had fallen in love with his grandfather only to be spurned. She takes over MC (while the two of them are having sex, no less… so awkward) and Yukimura has to work hard to free her, knowing right away that the person inside MCs body is not her. His steadfast dedication ends up melting the snow witches heart, even in her anger, as he fights and holds her and promises she can do whatever she wants to him so long as she gives MC back to him… he get sick, and the snow witch uses the coldness of her body to soothe his fever.

And that ending line? “I will have you as many times as it takes for both of us to forget how I lost you.” YUKIMURA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes please!!

I also rushed my way through Kojuro and Nobunaga’s, not really reading but wanting their outfits (lol) so I don’t have much to share there.

Next up was Masamune, my other best boy. His story dealt with a tengu, and WOW was it dramatic. Shigezane picking on him for wanting to take a bath with MC (then suggesting that he, Masa, MC and Kojuro should take a bath together lmao), to the disappearing children, to the little boy they found in the woods and saved, to the revelation that Masamune had been taken by a tengu when he was little.

To MC jumping in front of him to take a bullet of some child traffickers.  To Masamune finally getting that private bath with his MC, and he affectionately checks her because she was SHOT for crying out loud, always saving him… EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Saizo’s story was also an emotional rollercoaster– a sweet familesque trip with him, MC and Sasuke to do some cherry blossom viewing, except that the tree produces vestiges of the past so you can see your loved ones who have died. And also, the tree takes those people and siphones their life. And Saizo offers himself to that darn tree. And then burns it, because darn it, his MC just can’t let him rest in peace, can she?

And Mitsuhide’s story… oh goodness. The poor boy gets split in half, with his dutiful side and his emotional side warring it out over how to handle all things from how to be with MC (on the floor in the kitchen? out on the veranda?) to how to handle the shogun (to go to war or to appease the man). It’s a big old roller coaster.

And then the silly, ridiculous epiloquges? (EVERYONE WANTS YUKIMURA, Masamune is a big meanie who can only say the opposite of what he means, Mitsuhide is blunt and will call you out for your shit and then apologize because omg he is too kind for this).

So worth it.


4 thoughts on “[OTOME GAMES] Samurai Love Ballad PARTY: Gameplay Update!

  1. You honestly make me so eager to finish Nobunaga’s route and get to doing Saizo’s!

    And like I said, maybe do Nobunaga’s route next after Kojuro so it kills your urges? But hmm, it might have the opposite effect and you’d want to get it over with? ^^”

    Great game though, ahhh!


  2. I’ve basically played almost all the routes in SLBP except for Mitsunari’s and Shingen’s. I heard how sad Shingen’s was before it was translated so that made me really curious and want to play his (and I had no interest in Kenshin’s) but once I read the prologue of Kenshin and Shingen’s, my opinion of the two vastly changed. I played Shingen’s, read his story, fell in love with it (not as much as Yukimura, my #1) and now I don’t know if I should play Shingen’s.

    But your review has spurred me on to continue. I’ll play it once I’m done with Kenshin’s second ending.


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