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[ANIME REVIEW] Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale



Series: Sword Art Online – Ordinial Scale

Status: Movie complete, series ongoing 3 seasons


This movie, guys– I am so glad I talked my husband into going with me to the opening event. After all, I would have never watched the first season of SAO without my husband’s prompting (he said it had a good romance story thinking I would forgo the video game aspect– even though we were both playing WoW at the time, silly man), so to see this together was a really nice touch of nostalgia. The movie itself was a nostalgia trip– it remained so true to what I loved about Season one (my favorite season) and it brought back so, so, SO many feels.

The movie creators didn’t forget that Asuna is a fighter too! They remembered to build upon what we already loved! They showcased all the characters we’ve grown to love in wonderful ways! THEY DREW AINCRAD BACK INTO THE STORY IN A MEANINGFUL AND PLOT DRIVEN WAY!

And, as a side note– KIRITO AND ASUNA ARE ENGAGED! Anticipate more fangirling.

A new gaming sensation is sweeping the nation– Augmented Reality. Think Pokemon Go on steroids, where EVERYTHING including the way a weapon feels in your hands, the entire world around you, and even your own clothing changes. The AR set has real world applications and can be used in place of a phone, can be used to pay for things or store tickets, tracks your calories automatically and records all sorts of personal data.  And, of course, there is gaming.

Ordinial Scale is the new MMO sweeping the nation, and players meet up throughout their cities to take on monster raid bosses or participate in events. The weapons they use in the game feel real and heavy in their arms. They gain points and chances at sponsorships the further into the game they go.

Everyone loves it– except Kirito. He isn’t quite as good at it (because he’d rather full dive where he doesn’t have to go outside and exercise), and the prowess he showed in SAO, ALO and GGO is pretty much nonexistent. Asuna, however, is flourishing in the game.

Everything is fine and well until old SAO bosses start popping up in the game, tempting people to participate with huge XP bonuses. Suddenly, players start falling and losing their memories– Asuna included. Kirito has a chose to make, about how far and deep into this threatening system he is willing to go to bring back the memories that he and Asuna held dear.

Some of my favorite movie moments:

  • Kirito logging into Ordinial Scale when he sees that Asuna has been hurt, ready to defend her and save her as always. She’s injured and dies in the game protecting Silica, and it is then that her memories begin to fade.
  • The scene in Asuna’s bedroom, when Kirito has finished reading her diary (which proclaims that even if she can never remember again she knows her love for him will never fade), the kiss and face-boob. So funny and touching and so important.
  • The final battle scene with everyone, once again, in their SAO outfits fighting the level 100 boss. THIS IS SOMETHING WE NEEDED TO SEE SO BAD.
  • The family scenes with Kirito, Asuna and Yui. I forget how much I love that Yui already views them as married and calls them Mama and Papa. It’s the best. It warms my heart. I NEED MORE OF IT.
  • Kirito’s drive to get back Asuna’s memories, his never-ending quest to become better and move forward and fight ALL OF THE THINGS that might take away what he holds dear- but also his fear of losing those same memories (pervy Kirito remembered THAT night– you know the sexy one– as his “I cannot lose my memory” moment. Perv. I love it.)
  • I forgot how much I loved Klein until I watched this. He didn’t even really do that much I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.
  • The reasoning behind this particular antagonist– his daughter, an SAO victim, and wanting to bring her back. And the fact that she was someone ALL of the characters had interacted with in the first season. Ugh. MY HEART.
  • Seeing Kirito be the dual-wielding black swordsman again and fighting SWITCH style with Asuna again is the best thing ever. Seriously, the way they fight so in sync is amazing– and seeing Kirito once again become INVINCIBLE and decimating everything in his path. YES PLEASE.
  • The scene on the mountain. Asuna’s “Let’s pick up where we left off and this time you put it on my finger” YES PLEASE MORE

There is more. I loved pretty much everything about this movie; had I reviewed it last night, this post would probably be nothing but a bunch of keysmashing. I couldn’t stop grinning– I AM STILL GRINNING NOW!

Some anime movies– MOST anime movies– fall subpar to their regular serializations but this one was awesome. And the next game we have to experience– RATH (oooh sounds like wrath and evilness)– and the person behind it? Epic. I want to watch the next season.


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