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[WRITING] Camp! NaNoWriMo

Hey! I can see all of you whispering to yourselves, don’t even try to pretend.

Didn’t she fail NaNoWriMo back in November?

Wasn’t she already working on Trance City?

What happened to For Our Tomorrow?


All of those are wonderful, valid questions. But Camp NaNoWriMo will be different for a few major reasons, all of which have to do with the fact I’m doing this with a group and setting my own goals. I also have nearly a month to plan, research and plot out what I’m going to write and the project is fresh and new in my mind instead of trying to build upon something I’ve already started.

Also, this time I am ORGANIZED. Calendars, chat apps, One Note– it’s all coming together rather swimmingly.

I feel like keeping the bulk of this writing project under wraps for now, considering I have yet to give it a title, but I will give you a hint. I’ll be reviewing an otome game pretty soon that inspired this events novel called Samurai Love Ballad PARTY, and it is all I have I lived and breathed this weekend and it is all things wonderful. It also made me realize there is a very niche historical romance genre that I have never seen novels for that I fully intend to fill.

Gimme all the inspiration. I am going to need it.

This April will be almost fully dedicated to Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ll use up the bulk of March on research, plotting, and allowing myself to read and play games so that by the time April rolls around there are no distractions.


  • March is plotting and research; world-building and political relationships to be fleshed out and substantiated, all major scenes planned with notations on what must happen in each to reach the end.
  • April is writing and organizing; working with my fellow Campers Kate, Chanting and Bahareh via writing sprints and chats to stay on task, setting new goals when and if existing goals are achieved, at least 833 words per day up to 25k
  • May is beta reading and rewriting; submitting out to my fellow campers for critique and adjustments, rewriting and rewording before continuing on with finalizing the first draft.

That’s it. Simple enough, right? There’s no way this can go wrong, right?



6 thoughts on “[WRITING] Camp! NaNoWriMo

    1. It’s always better to a planner than a pantser 🙂 I am usually a planster, meaning I half plan and hang wing it, but this time I want to be successful. I wish you luck! What are your Camp goals?


      1. I am very much a plantser too. Trying hard to break that habit. I’m aiming for that coveted 50k! so the main goal is to write it. I’m writing post-apocalyptic. I would also like to write in a cafe. :’D


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