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[BOOKS] I MAY Have a Problem…

So, I found myself in Corpus Christi for work again this past week. Alone.

Keep that in mind, it’s important.

I left Ben and the kitties behind in Austin, and headed out with two books and my laptop. I was only going to be gone for five-six days, but I wanted to be sure I had enough to entertain me because I knew the likelihood of me exploring much on my own was pretty slim; I tend to stay close to my hotel when I don’t have a partner around to brave new places with me. Work, eat, and relax in the hotel was my plan.

When I went for food the first day, however, I realized I was near a Barnes & Noble and that a book I wanted was supposed to release the next day. Obviously, that meant it was the perfect time to see exactly what the Corpus Christi Barnes & Noble had to offer.

Now, I do have a bit of a habit of visiting bookstores just to compare them and to investigate the books on their shelves. Not every store offers the same things, and I have lived in so many different places it should come as no surprise that part of what convinces me to stay somewhere– access to a bookstore. Bookstores are a bit of a hobby of mine.

A dangerous hobby.

Previous to moving to Austin, I had denied myself the right to buy any books– a ye-old-fashioned Book Buying Ban. I had enough books already and I was going to be moving. I didn’t need more. Even after I moved, I only purchased one physical book and a few Kindle daily deals.

That was until I walked in and saw A Conjuring of Light was on the shelf a day early, and right next to it was a copy of Vicious, which I hadn’t been able to find at all for well over a year. I scooped them up, ran to the counter and checked out before I could pick up anything else. Two books was more than I’d intended already, but not too bad really.

Then, GoodReads decided on Wednesday to remind me that Devil in Spring, the new book for Lisa Kleypas’s Ravenels series, had come out on Tuesday. I ended up back at Barnes & Noble on Friday in pursuit of it, only to come across the final book in The Hathaway’s series, Love in the Afternoon, which I had been searching for to complete my collection for years. I scoop it up too.

I headed to the check out, already berating myself, when I came to a grinding halt.

The Tea Rose, a novel I had been waiting to read for at least three years but never managed to find, sitting on the shelf staring at me.  I had hit the “books I can’t seem to find anywhere else” jackpot in Corpus. I snagged it. I sent a picture to my friend, begging her to convince me not to buy them. I didn’t need them really, right? I just wanted them because I had wanted them for so long and–

She was no help. “You should treat yourself”, she said. I walked out of the bookstore with all three, bringing me to a grand total of 5 books bought in Corpus. I left with 2 and came back with 7. I’ve read none of them yet. And now the book buying bug has settled into myh brain. hough I did not finish the counterpart to

Someone please send help! I cannot read books as fast as I want to buy them!


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