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[BOOKS] 2017’s Must Read Books

I’ve been pretty terrible about reading this year. I’ve picked up four books, finished two, and left the other two hanging in desperate need for love. This happens to me from time to time; the best way to get out of it is to read something quick and fun, like a romance novel, or to jump into something I already know and love. Problem is, my mind has been in a million other places (think, Yuri!! On Ice, Gruvia, writing and mobile gaming things) and I haven’t truly been able to sit down and dedicate myself to a book.

Also, I’ve been too busy losing myself in awkward speech patterns and autocorrect. I’ll have to tell you that story another time, but for a hint: I said “farting” instead of “fasting” in a group text and it turned into the worst inside joke in the world.

We were talking about books, though, weren’t we? Ahem. I believe you can see what I mean when I say I can’t focus on reading– I can’t even focus on writing about what I may, potentially, one day, in the future, read.

That stated, there is a plethora of books that I plan to get to his year! You didn’t think I had given up on my reading goals already, did you? Come on. You know me better than that by now, don’t you?

They are beautiful, are they not? There are some amazing covers in this lineup and I am not sorry to say that some of these were chosen specifically because I like the cover. Sue me; I judge books by their covers. I’m not ashamed to admit how petty I am.

The Love Interest

This one isn’t coming out until May, it’s a debut author, but it’s seriously got an interesting hook!  The blurb on this one seems to lead me to believe that this one will be something I will enjoy. It’s a spy school that trains teenagers to get close to their targets by becoming a love interest; two boys are sent out, one as the nice boy and one as the bad boy, to try to become the love interest of their female target. Except…. maybe not?

Letters to the Lost

Brigid Kemmerer is an author I have read before and enjoyed; she wrote The Elemental series, which I have practically read to completion (minus Sacrifice and the upcoming Strife), but this is a stand alone that seems right up my alley. Lost girl writes letters to her dead mother and leaves them at her grave; bad-boy on community service reads letters and writes back. They start a correspondence that neither of them realizes is much closer to home than they know. Sparks fly.

Crystal likes.

The Watchmaker’s Daughter

I stumbled across this one while perusing Amazon Kindle Deals. I thought the cover was pretty. I can’t remember if I bought it or not and my Kindle has been dead for over a week so I’m not going to bother charging it up just to confirm the purchase for you. However, I will say that the synopsis has my interest piqued. A young girl has difficulty finding work after her father’s death despite her skill in watchmaking, until she runs into a man she is pretty sure has a dark past and possesses a watch and rejuvenates him when he is ill. She can work for him, or she can turn him in…. but the situation is more complex than that.

This Adventure Ends

Another cover impulse, but I actually found this one on Booktube. It sounds like a very easy going book about close friendships and the adventure begins to locate a painting that holds much importance to two members of the group. Romance, humor, deep connections ,travel across state lines… kind of sounds like a group of friends I know and love. This looks like it will be a book I read to get over a heavy-handed read.

A List of Cages

This one is going to be deep, guys. It’s another I found on Booktube, but that I wanted simply because of the cover. It’s gorgeous. But the story inside is going to be intense. The popular boy in school scores the best elective ever helping with the school counselor, and finds himself reunited with a boy who his family had once fostered. They had been very close, but he can see now that there are secrets lurking in his foster-brother and he is probably the only person who can uncover them. This comes with a warning of abuse, so I expect it to be dark and gritty and heart-gripping.

Flame in the Mist

Renee Ahdieh is my all time fave. This is no joke. I may be 29 years old and still reading young adult novels when I can, but this woman writes beautifully. The Wrath and The Dawn is my all time favorite book; the romance tears me apart and builds me up. I literally would read on the floor next to my husband, stop reading and hug the book to my chest and say “THIS BOOK”. Flame in the Mist promises more adventures, this time in in feudal Japan with the daughter of a samurai who finds herself inflirating a warrior group. It’s like Mulan. I love Mulan. And with Ahdieh’s ability to create scene and atmosphere, I know I’ll love this too.

Puddle Jumping

The first book I found from perusing GoodReads. There are a few reviewers that I follow who I trust to no end, and this one got glowing reviews from them. This is another love story, about a girl and a boy who once played together but were separated at a young age and have now come back together. The boy has secrets she needs to uncover, but it could mean destorying everything she’s built for herself. Count me in. This looks like a very unconventional ride.


2 thoughts on “[BOOKS] 2017’s Must Read Books

  1. Letters to the Lost, A List of Cages, Flame in the Mist and Watchmaker’s Daughter have me hooked!!! (Plus that cover for Flames in the Mist, aahh!! So pretty!) I need to see if the online bookstore I have here can ship them, ahhh!!!


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