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[WRITING] Trance City

So, back in 2013 I started writing a spontaneous little drabble that I so eloquently called “Untitled”. Untitled went on to transform in 2015 into my first rough manuscript, Slumber Creek. I was so proud when I finished it, then I reread and it and realized just how rough the first go through was and became very discouraged, so I put it away and have only touched it intermittently for the last two years.

Then today, inspiration struck; not for the rewriting of Slumber Creek, but the second part of the story– Trance City. I haven’t quite decided yet if this is a sequel or a novel that comes in multiple parts and perspectives. I’m just trying to get all of the words down on paper (or my computer hard drive) so that I can see what the entire story is going to encompass, remove what won’t be needed and add what was missed for plot purposes, and then I can worry about breaking it down if I need to.

When it comes to writing, I am the queen of indecision. Give me a crown~

I managed to get down a little over a thousand words today, which doesn’t seem like much in retrospect when you consider how fast it is to read that same amount of text, but understand that for me writing is not such a linear process. I edit as I write to get the flow that I want, and then I go back and read it later and hate it all. It also causes me to write a slower pace but I come out with some gems of dialogue or scene building that I can be proud of and expand upon.

The fact that I am working with my own characters again is so refreshing; this is a world I created all on my own, word that I turned into names, personalities, and appearances. Writing a book has been a goal of mine since I was young, and I’ve met many obstacles along the way. I want to be able to refine these stories and continue to build upon the beauty held within them.

I’m excited and hopeful for the words that will come out of me the more I poke and prod these old characters back into life.  They’re itching to make their way around their old stomping grounds, and maybe even a few new ones too.


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