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[LIFE] Merry Merry Christmas Weekend

Despite working in retail (specifically,  in the delivery department) I have somehow managed to get off the two days before Christmas and Christmas day. I am blessed. Three days off in a row!  What a wonderful time to be productive!

Unless you are me. Because I have not been productive at all.

What did I want to do today? Wash the dishes. Wash the laundry. Vacuum the floor. Clean the litter box.

Was I productive? No. Not at all. But was it worth it? Oh, yes.

Case in point: Today I got out of bed at 10 AM, ate cereal straight from the box with no milk and watched YouTube videos until I decided it was time to actually cook something. Then I got my husband to go with me and try a new ice cream place called Lick., where I enjoyed some coconut pecan rum cake and goat cheese honey thyme ice creams. When we got home, I marathoned Yuri! On Ice with a large glass of wine from my awesome Supersac (now complete with its Chinchilla Phur cover– not real fur, it’s fake, no worries). My husband cooked dinner, and now I’m sitting in bed with Espresso in my lap.


Sometimes you just need an epically lazy day to recharge from it all. I can’t guarantee tomorrow won’t be just as unproductive. And Christmas? I may not move from the couch all day. I may not move from my bed. I feel like there are so many things I’ve wanted to do just for me that I haven’t been able to do.

Last weekend I busted out my inner craft lady and made candles and a Ccapturehristmas wreath. Granted, one could argue my wreath isn’t very Christmas but it matches my holiday decor theme so I don’t care.  Sure, it has a lot of green and blue and peacocks but there are presents and Christmas bulbs on it!

To be honest, the bulbs are my favorite. They look like bubbles and reflect the light with rainbows, like how a bubble would in the sun. For it being my first attempt at making a wreath, I feel pretty accomplished. It turned out pretty well. Maybe not so Christmas-holiday-ish in the sense most people would view it, but it’s good for my blue, green and silver Christmas tree. It ties it all together.

Since it’s just Ben and I for the holidays, we tend not to do much other than spend time with one another. Our families are all in different states (which us in Texas now, my family is in Michigan and his is in Louisiana) and no children of our own, it’s a subdued affair for the two of us.

That’s why I had time to binge watch an anime about figure skating. Which was quite entertaining, by the way. Not my normal go-to genre, but it was a short 12 episodes of easy viewing and that was just the break I needed. I may or may not do a full review on the series, I haven’t decided yet if I have enough words to say to warrant a full blown discussion.

I’ll be wishing everyone Happy Holidays this year! Enjoy your time with your loved ones and the good food– 2017 is just around the corner!


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