Cats Marriage and Life

[LIFE] SuperSac and Kitties!

My Supersac came in! I’m sitting in it right now as a write this.

Well, maybe not sitting so much as lounging away in a little nest of fluff that envelopes me like hot chocolate about a marshmallow. Except better, because I don’t like chocolate or marshmallows. You get the picture, though.

20161208_112520The cats are also quite fond of it as well; I’ve caught both Espresso and Lola sleeping in the crevice or along the  back of it, and if I am sitting in it you can guarantee they are going to be there with me.

Speaking of Espresso, I feel like it’s time to tell you all a story. On December 1st, 2014 Ben and I adopted Espresso from a local shelter called The Dumb Friends League, in Castle Rock, Colorado. He was shy and slightly feral and only about 3 months old when we got him. He was small enough that he could fit in the crook between my shoulder and neck if he really wanted to.

Watching him learn to trust people was very healing for me. I had lost my family pet, Dork (a melanistic bengal) a few months prior while Ben and I were on our honeymoon in the Phillippines. I was very hurt and nervous about getting a new pet, but Ben wanted me to have one anyway and surprised me with a trip to a few shelters. I was looking everywhere for  black cat that could remind me of Dork. Instead I left with a flaming orange, extremely fluffy kitten that was scared of people but had the sweetest temperament I’d ever seen.


When he was little, he liked to sleep curled up on my arm and against my chest. Now that he’s too big, he sleeps around mine or Ben’s head. He used to be able to sit up in the sink and now he has to curl his way in and parts of him still won’t fit. He went from teeny tiny to massively humungous and he’s as happy as can be.

We got Lola, our second cat, about three months after we adopted Espresso because we knew he needed a friend. The two of them are inseparable now

I think sometimes we take for granted the joy and brightness our pets bring to our lives. I know our home– and this Supersac, quite literally– would feel must less full without them. I have felt very reflective of this the last few days but today especially it seems to strike home.


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