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So. I failed NaNoWriMo rather spectacularly this year. I’m sitting at 17,969 words right now. There was no coming back from that kind of deficit on the last day.

I admit it. I bit off way more than I could chew, I started on a mountain I couldn’t climb, I boarded a ship with a hole and only no oars, I walked into a forest without a map. I was destined to fail this year, with all the craziness going on during the month of November. I knew better.

But the point is that I still tried. And I did get nearly 18,000 words out of it, so it wasn’t all bad in the end. Maybe not the 50,000 that I wanted, but it’s a start and good flex for my writing muscles because maybe once the new year comes through, I’ll have practiced enough on the fan fiction to attack my original fiction again- and finished Slumber Creek‘s sequel, Trance City. Or maybe even finish Slumber Creek‘s rewrite I have been meaning to do for so long.

Also, I made a SUPER investment for my writing and reading space– a SUPERSAC, by Lovesac. You know those big sac chairs, that look like beanbags but are made with shredded durafoam? Yeah. I’m getting one of those. And I couldn’t be happier about it, to the point I keep checking my email to see when it will arrive.

What could possibly be better than sitting in a Supersac to write everyday? Or read? Or just to sit in it? They are so comfortable! And squishy!

Long story short: I failed NaNoWriMo, but I don’t feel bad about it because even if I didn’t do the best job I probably could have, I achieved a lot behind the scenes that had nothing to do with NaNo. I moved 1,000 miles, from Denver, CO to Austin, TX. I started a new job and successfully saw it through short staffing due to employee turnover and bereavement. I am building and garnering relationships with the sales teams and our distribution center, along with the 3rd party delivery teams. I saw the building through Black Friday week. Ben and I spent more time together and set up our new apartment so it actually feels like a home. I visited friends for Thanksgiving.

I did a lot this month. I feel good about it. Hopefully December will be just as successful!


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