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[LIFE] Relocating Headquarters

Please ignore my dust. Also, ignore the boxes. And the clothes strewn everywhere. And the art work that still isn’t hanging.

Big news, everyone! I have successfully moved from Denver, Colorado to Austin, Texas.

That’s right. CaffeinatedNerdBlog is now stationed out of Texas, and (shockingly) has decreased caffiene consumption in the process. I don’t know what it is about Texas, but I hardly feel the need to get a cup of hot tea, coffee or a latte. It was a multi-hour occurence in Colorado. Now I’m lucky if I even remember.

I’m sure that’ll all change soon enough. I can already feel the post-moving adrenaline subsiding.

I flew back to Denver  on Halloween, and then commenced Operation: Pack the Place. Ben was working, so the bulk of the task was left to me. Pack, scrub, clean, pack some more, over and over, for three days. And then drive.

But first, I got a ticket at the exact same traffic light I got a ticket at the night I first drove into Denver. Colorado sent me off the same way it greeted me; with a big, fat flash of a red light camera and a sneakily placed left turn signal. Bye, Felicia.

The drive was L-O-N-G. Like, two days long. Ben slept most of the way so I did all of the driving.

And then once we were there we had to wait 5 days for our furniture to arrive. We lived off what I could cook in skillet (breakfast) and slept on a last minute air mattress that the cats punctured holes in by the third night. On the last night before our bed arrived, I had to refill it three times because it had completely deflated.

But now, I have furniture! My clothes are almost all hung up in the closet! I have dishes, even though most of them are in the sink!

I have my books out on the shelf in a completely unorganized manner!

… What.

Are you judging me?

Are you judging me?

You try consolidating all your books from two shelves to one! My white shelf did not survive the move. I managed to fit over 300 books on one shelf. I’m proud of me. You should be proud of me too.

The cats have finally settled in and realize that we are not going anywhere again anytime soon. They were very good for the two days worth of driving we did, and behaved pretty well in the hotel we stayed in over night on the way down. I was worried about that. Lola is always fine, just constantly investigating all of the things, but Espresso can be pretty high stress about anything new but he took it like a champ.

Granted, he did hide behind the toilet for the first day, but hey– he came out after two days. Success if you ask me.

My NaNoWriMo project has suffered from the move, however. I should have hit 15,000 words today but I am at 7,500. I’ll need to kick into high gear on my off days; I need to write over 2,000 words a day to complete the novel in time to be considered a NaNo winner this year. I was always ahead of the game when I participated last year, so I’m nervous about trying to catch up so late in the game. I’ve got almost no room for error at this point.

So, if that’s the case, what am I doing here at 12:34 in the morning?

You guys haven’t heard from me since Nov 1st. Never fret! I am still alive and will be actively posting again very soon 🙂


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