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[WRITING] NaNoWriMo Day 1

I have finished my first 1,726 words for NaNo this year meaning I managed to hit my word count for the first day and it’s only 2:18 in the afternoon. I’m quite proud of this and plan to keep writing well past that to make up for the days I may not be able to write much as Ben and I continue our move from Denver to Austin.

Below is a snippet of what I’ve written so far. I will be uploading snippets every couple of days here for those who are interested!

From: For Our Tomorrow, Chapter 1

“I’m going to defeat E.N.D.”

“Yes.” her voice echoed in the stillness of the snowed capped ruins.

Glancing toward Juvia, Gray took in the stiffness with which she smiled and tried to ignore the twinge of sadness he felt. She’d followed him here—  despite needing to recover from the magic barrier particles poisoning her body— just to so she could tell him the truth and then tell him goodbye. He had assumed Silver succumbed to the hole in his chest, despite being a corpse controlled by a necromancer. He had always been dead, just caught in a demonic purgatory. At some point the body would given in to destruction, no matter the focus pushing it along.

Instead Juvia had been the one who defeated the demon that pulled Silver’s puppet string, and in turn gave his father the rest he’d been denied. It should have never been her cross to bear in the first, had Gray not been too weak to do it himself. Juvia had believed the hand she played in Silver’s passing was unforgivable. Gray wasn’t sure that his thanks had been enough to show his gratitude, or his apologies enough to soothe the remorse she felt.

She had given Silver is only wish. His parents would reunite in the afterlife and watch the man their son would become, all thanks to the selflessness of a woman who thought she no longer had the right to love him.

“There’s an inn just down the street.” he offered, shrugging his jacket a bit tighter on his shoulders. “I’m staying there for the night, and I’ll check the mission board in the morning to look for anything that might lead me to Zeref.”

She nodded solidly, but the edginess in her eyes betrayed her fear. “Gray-sama won’t return to Magnolia?”

“There isn’t anything to return to right now.”

The words were colder than he’d intended, but Juvia took it in stride as if she’d never expect anything other than coolness from him. Had he really backed her into that tight of a corner? Juvia had always said he was kind, but he didn’t feel kind at all. Gray felt like a tightly wound spring, trapped under pressures far stronger than he was. Death followed in his shadow and trapped anyone who stood in its darkness.

The brighter the light, the darker and larger his shadow grew. Juvia was a blinding sunrise, and he was terrified of treading too close to her light.


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