[OTOME GAMES] Mystic Messenger: 707 Route



I have played the game, I have seen the light, AND I AM FULL OF FEELS.

I played through Zen’s route mildly entertained, but something about Luciel Choi– something about that quirky, trolling, fun loving secret agent hacker– drew me in like whoa and I left feeling both elated and cheated.


Did 707 and MC die? Did they save Saeran? DO THEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER WITH THEIR ROBO CAT?!

Yes, I am aware you get most of these answers in the secret after endings but my lord my heart I just can’t

I had every intention of starting Jumin’s route today, but I can’t commit. I have 7 on my mind, and my mind on Saeyoung. It’s just too much to imagine someone so wonderful having such a horribly tragic past that supersedes the rest of the storyline. His love for MC is so selfless and displays his self-hatred so poignantly… plz bb, y u do diz 2 meee?


Things begin innocently enough with 707. He pokes fun at people. He eats Honey Buddha Chips and picks on Jumin with the MC. He invites Longcat to the RFA party. He hacks by night and sleeps by day and gets sentimental at odd hours and creates Twitter-like bot accounts to promote Zen.

And then, on Day 5, everything changes.

Happy-go-lucky 707 is not actually happy-go-lucky at all. He wants to keep people at bay, because he feels as if even God has pushed him away at this point. Wow. My heart was breaking right away. I knew then that I was not going to go about this route slowly; I had to KNOW why he felt this way. I had to get him to love MC back because he deserved it so much but he thought his existence was too dangerous for love.

Then, the phone call  and text chain that changed the course of 707  and MC’s relationship happened and I lost it.

Absolutely. Lost. It.

It’s as if he can’t function. In Zen’s route, 707 was far more calm at this point in the story (which happened far later in the game for Zen). In his own, he’s an absolute stressed out wreck. He can’t focus. He can’t function. He escapes his secret agent duties by distracting his assistant with a robotic dog and hightailing it out with one of his cars full of hacking equipment, knowing full well the agency will kill him for it– all for MC’s sake.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, once he does manage to break into Rika’s old apartment he finds his twin brother Searan as the enemy hacker he has been tracking, threatening MC’s life and definitely not the loving sibling 707 remembered. He became an agent to protect him, and in the end it appears he left Searen open to being manipulated, tortured and brainwashed by people just as terrible as their abusive mother.

707 ends up staying with MC, but their relationship strains as he fights to push her away and deal with the reality that V and Rika did not protect the little brother he wanted to rescue from despair. Their mother tied him up, chained him, beat him, strangled them… and he was convinced at a young age to leave in order to allow Rika and V to protect his brother from the evil cluthes of their mom and the murder attemps by his father’s political aides.

He had to stop being Seayoung and become someone else… thus, Luciel. And from Luciel, agent 707, who works for the agency.

MC does not stand idly by while 707 hates himself and pushes her away. She tries in many ways to draw him out, with contradictory results. He tells her doesn’t care, and then he gets scared when she leaves without telling him. He says her life is all that matters to him, yet he can’t seem to stick to his angry demeanour to push her away.

It is MC’s persistence that finally wins him over. He has tried for so long to deny himself the gift of existence and attachment, but she will not be deterred in proving to him that she accepts his dangerous life as her own. He has never known before just how badly he needed someone who was willing to give the same all for him that he was willing to give for them.

MC and 707 go after his brother, to rescue him from the mysterious group Mist Eye; with the RFA party on the horizon and the agency at their back and an evil religious organization at their head, the odds are against them.

So he gives her something to remember him by , should the worst occur. They lose Saeren to the agency and must begin their search again, but they do so together. 707 request that the MC begin calling him by his given name, Saeyoung, and they move forward together to the life where they have managed to rescue Saeren and are able to give one another gifts forever.

And then the after ending is just not even… just… I NEED MORE!

More I say!

I would give 707’s route a 100 out of 10. This is so good. And so intense in a way otome games do not usually get.  I’m working my way through the secret endings now in hopes that at some point Seayoung and MC win and get to have their happy ending…


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