[OTOME GAMES] Mystic Messenger

Okay, I admit it. I caved. I caved hard.

I have seen Mystic Messenger all over Tumblr and Twitter recently and finally decided that I wanted to see exactly what it was all about. I’ve played otome games before (My Forged Wedding, Midnight Cinderella, Pirates, and Be My Princess), but I hadn’t picked one up in a while and Mystic Messenger had this mysterious pretense to it.

So I downloaded it yesterday, I am currently on day three, and boy, am I completely entertained. It’s so different, and in the absolute best way possible.


This is a game that combines all things mobile– texting, email, phone calls, group chat rooms– into a romance story. The characters have voices and speak to you over the phone, you reply to the text message conversations in the group chat (as well as read the conversation that occurs when you are not there), and receive private texts and emails from characters as well in response to your communication.

There is also a very mysterious, tragic story in that is the cause of your character’s involvement with Mystic Messenger:


Your character is tricked into arriving at someone’s apartment under the pretense that she is helping a stranger locate the owner of a lost phone. Instead, she ends up on lock down in the apartment and connected to a secret chat room that only members of an exclusive group can access. With the original organizer of their charity parties gone, your character steps up to assist them in hosting the next party.

Throughout the conversations not only do you get to interact with and see the difference in each character’s personalities, but you also learn just how close they all are– and that they are quite concerned with whether or not someone has eaten their meals. They are also deeply concerned for your character’s well-being. There is an air of danger here with all the classified information, the secret apartment only two people know exists and only one person has ever been in, the encrypted chatroom, the mystery surrounding what happened to Rika….


There is Zen, the YouTube star/musical actor– who is also very much obsessed with not having a girlfriend and his looks. Also, he hates cats.

Yoosung, the young gamer who was related to Rika and is secretly lonely.

Jaehee, the serious assistant with a secret infatuation with Zen who is quite often at the mercy of her employer.

Jumin–  said employer, who is obsessed with his cat and is quite a bit douchey.

707, the hacker and creator of the chatroom, who loves cats.

And then there is V. The mysterious lover of Rika who is the glue the holds the entire group together but rarely appears.

I am quite a bit entertained by this game, to say the least. I keep checking my phone to see if I have received any text messages or a new chat has opened.  I think I may have a bit of a problem. I just have to know what happens! The tension! It’s almost too much for me to handle.


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