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[YOUTUBE] Science: YouTube Edition

First things first: I am freezing.

My husband, Ben, has the air conditioner blasting and I am curled in bed under two blankets, a pair of fuzzy pajama pants and an oversized University of Michigan hoodie.

Oh, how the tables have turned– he is Filipino. He hates the cold. I am from Michigan and I don’t generally mind the cold. It’s days like these that make me wonder if we’ve swapped bodily tolerances. Maybe I’m falling ill. It’s hard to tell.

At least I have a nice cup of tea and my little kitty, Lola, to keep me company until the AC turns off or I manage to fall asleep despite the chill.

Today has been a relatively lazy day, and as lazy days go I’ve managed to lose myself in the usual forays– reading, watching an episode or two (or five) of anime (today Ben and I finished off Magi: Adventure of Sinbad), and surfing the web.

To be clear: When I say surfing the web, I mean browsing Tumblr and watching YouTube videos.

There are the usual channels I view– Good Mythical Morning, PewDiePie, Vlogbrothers, ThreadBanger, SimplyNailogical, NerdyNummies— and then there are the shows and channels that turn into an hour of nonstop watching. YouTube is a void of knowledge that is available and ready for you if you are just willing to click away and listen.

Specifically, I am speaking about science channels and shows like the following:

Because Science

Crash Course — which has courses on Physics, Anatomy, Literature, World History, Philosophy, Video Games, Economics, Government and Politics, Astronomy, Biology, Ecology, and Chemistry

ASAP Science

I am not even a fan of science. In school, I excelled in History and English, while I struggled in Math and Science. Yet here I stand sit gulping down YouTube science videos like they are lifeblood and required to provide sustenance to my being. I click one video, and then allow the system to roll into the next, and then I click whatever is in the sidebar suggested, and before I know it I’ve consumed over an hour of one show and I’ve left thoroughly entertained.

The struggle is real– because what makes these shows so interesting is how they are formatted to interest the viewer and be educational. Because Science is my current favorite, centering around explaining deep question of fandom (examples being– what happens if you cut Deadpool in half, how does a lightsaber work, why does Daenerys Targaryen not catch on fire) in a scientific way that tells the viewer whether or not what they are seeing is more science or fiction. The content is presented through markers on a clear surface and interrupted throughout with references relating to the content that viewers can chuckle at.

It’s nerdy. Of course, I love it.

Now I cannot help but wonder why this more complex content was not presented in a similar fashion when I was in school; if I had felt connected to what I was learning, maybe I would have felt differently or applied myself in the way I am now, glued to my laptop watching videos on all modes of thought. Maybe instead of working in logistics, I would be a scientist or an engineer pioneering our knowledge of the world and advancing technology. Perhaps I would have felt more confident in my ability to teach science and math, and would have continued my search for teaching jobs after I received my degree (I am a certified teacher of grades Pre-K – 8th).

Maybe I would have gone into fields I can’t even fathom now. Instead, I focused the bulk of my efforts into History and English, learning the art of literary analysis and the intricate of history which shapes us into the societies we are now. I am proud of those skills and at the same time mournful of them; they are safe things to me. If I had allowed myself to dream more, maybe I would be the person helping these YouTube channels to break down the science and conduct the experiments necessary to produce a video lecture.

It’s a harrowing thing to think about.

And the videos are funny too. That’s what makes then A+.

Moral of this post story: YouTube is more than mindless video content when you allow yourself to open to more educational aspects. Embrace it. You may find you hold interest in subjects you have never thought about before.


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