[LIFE] About CaffeinatedNerdBlog

Hello and welcome and all those good things! My name is Crystal, and this is my blog– CaffeinatedNerdBlog, a conglomerate of posts about books and reading, writing, my cats, my silly Filipino husband, and fandom in general.

Oh, and caffeine. That’s pretty prevalent too.

What do I intend to do with this blog? Well, blog, for one– I’ve attempted it before, enjoyed it, and always fallen away because I’ve limited the content I allow myself to post. Not this time; I’m laying all of my cards on the table. Some of it ,you may like. Some of it, you may glance over.

But it’s what’s brought you this far, right?

I have many passions in my life and I think it’s appropriate to channel and share those passions with others. Life is meant to be lived without limits, and that applies to the skydiver as much as it does the reader. Or the wife.

Or the crazy cat lady.

No regrets, my friends. None at all.

Let’s set sail on the the ship(s) of CaffeinatedNerdBlog– it’s bound to be an interesting, up and down ride!


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